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26.04.01 -- Majon

Abgabetermin - Meinungen von Übersee! *Achtung lang*

Hallo ihr Lieben,
das Thema des Abgabetermins hat mich sehr beschäftig! Da ich auch in einem amerikanischem Forum für Peppis Rasse bin, stellte ich dort diese Frage. In diesem Forum sind sehr viele Züchter!
Mein Fazit der Antworten ist wesentlich positiver, als es hier der Fall war!
Ich denke sie sind wesentlich sensibler und flexibler. Auch bei ihnen unterscheiden sich die Meinungen, dennoch denke ich sind sie etwas weiter!
Ich denke es ist keine Tierquälerei, seinen Welpen vor der 12 Woche zu holen! Wenn der zukünftige Besitzer dem etwas empfindlicheren jungen Welpen Rechnung trägt, denke ich sogar, das ein früherer Zeitpunkt besser ist! In dem Buch von Günther Bloch 'Der Wolf im Hundepelz' wird das auch bestätigt.
Das ist meine Meinung!
Ich kopiere euch ein paar Postings ... lest selbst!


From: "Donna Lane"
Date: Wed Apr 25, 2001 6:14 pm
Subject: Re: [TheGentlemansTerrier] what is the right time for pick up the puppy

The correct age depends on many things. If the new owner has little experience and the person selling the puppies wants to make sure that the puppy is very strong and that the vaccinations are effective, then 12 weeks is better. Also, show dog breeders frequently want to keep their puppies until 12 weeks so that they get to see which ones should go to show homes.

If the new owner is experienced in training young puppies and is well prepared to care for a younger puppy, then 7 weeks can be a very good age. At 7 weeks they do make the transition easily and are very easy to train. If the new owner will really use those precious early impression weeks to socialize the puppy and teach it that learning things is fun, it can help make a good dog into a great dog.

There is a little more worry letting a puppy go at 7 weeks because the vaccinations might not be effective yet. The younger puppy should not walk where other dogs have been, and needs to be protected from possible exposure to several diseases until their vaccination program is complete. If all of this is done properly, there is no health problem from placing a puppy at 7 weeks old.

Also a young puppy can be frightened by rough handling or upsetting events. Young puppies are more likely to develop permanent fears if the owner does not take care that life is pleasant and nothing too scary happens.

Opposite this, of course, are puppies sold when they are older, who have never experienced anything other than the inside of a pen and never meet anyone but their breeders. These puppies are not able to deal with unusual and new things as well as the puppy who was sold younger and socialized well.


From: carolyn@r...
Date: Wed Apr 25, 2001 7:57 pm
Subject: Re: what is the right time for pick up the puppy?

We picked up Percy when she was 6 weeks old and brought her into a
household that included 4 cats and an 85lb dog. Within 24 hours, she
was romping with the cats acting as if she was born into our family.
At that point, she'd had one set of shots. We took her all over the
place. When Percy was 9 weeks old, my beloved father passed away and
was to be buried in Pennsylvania. We couldn't fly because of the
Thanksgiving holiday and a recent illness that had put me in the
hospital, so we drove the 2000 miles from Texas to PA in our Chevy
S-10 Pickup with 9 week old Ms. Percy sitting in my lap the whole way.
We stopped at my brother's in North Carolina on the way, and she was a
perfect little lady in their house. At the hotel in PA, again she was
a perfect lady and ideal travelling companion. As a side benefit,
having Percy to worry about also took my mind off the impending
funeral and helped to keep me functional during such a trying time.
At that point, Percy had received 2 sets of shots. In Pennslyvania,
she was handled by all my massive extended family who adored her, she
ran around in central PA in late November, and she walked on various
surfaces and grasses at gas stations and rest stops in about 7 states.

I'm not advocating that everyone take their 9 week old puppy on a 4000
mile road trip under the worst possible circumstances in the middle of
the winter by any means, but Percy's big adventure certainly didn't
hurt her temperment. If nothing else, everyone who meets Percy
comments on what a lovely disposition she has and how good she is with
people. It didn't seem to impact her physically either.

My point to all this is that momma dogs wean their babies at 5 weeks
or so for a reason. It's at that point they stop being babies to be
cared for and become young dogs that need to be loved and guided.
If there's a loving home willing to offer the right type of
protection and care, there's no reason a dog that's 6, 7, or 8 weeks
can't be placed. Now with a showdog you may want to wait until its
somewhat older to see what it'll turn out like, but there is a school
of thought, based on mechanical and veterinary studies of show dogs,
that says 8 weeks is the best time to predict overall conformation of
a dog.



From: "Tina Sandford" [sanford@n...]
Date: Thu Apr 26, 2001 1:33 am
Subject: Re: [TheGentlemansTerrier] Re: what is the right time for pick up the puppy?

I personally like to see puppies go to their new homes between the age of
9 -12 weeks. Many factors come into play when deciding what is best for the
puppy and the family. The main priority ofcourse is the pup and the travel
methods really have an impact as to when the puppy is allowed to leave.

Vaccinations....I use the same type of innoculation pattern as we have in
the past for Rottweilers. Parvo is my main concern and thankfully my vet
agrees that splitting up the vaccinations in order to allow the puppies
immune system to build up the required immunities at a much more healthy
rate. This for some may be cause a slightly higher vet bill, but when it
comes to our pets a few more bucks is a small price to pay for peace of mind
and their health. I have had friends that have lost puppies or entire
litters to Parvo even "after" innoculation as the pups immune system were
considered depressed from the building immunities "process" by the too much
to soon regular vaccination schedule most use. One thing I also do, is not
allow the rabies vaccine to be given with the last booster but wait an
additional 3-4 weeks and go back for a final visit.

I am also much more cautious than some when it comes to socializing young
pups that are not fully innoculated. Until the process is complete, visits
to dog parks etc are off limits. The thing to remember is that certain
times of the year can be worse than others for common disease outbreaks in
different areas of the country. If bringing a new puppy into your home,
talk with your local vet to allow for informed decisions on where and when
you will take your puppy out to socialize.

I guess we are really cautious, but heck they are far to precious to take
chances with.

Tina Sandford
Kreuzritter Kennels Reg'd
Rottweilers + Manchester Terriers
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