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20.12.01 -- Kathi

Tot durch Pedigree


dieser Text stammt von einer amerikanischen Mailing-Liste:

"It was on the news yesterday although the problems started in '99 - but of course dog magazines never told about it as the "offender" is their biggest money provider ....
Hundreds of puppies and dozens of dogs have died in '99/2000 in France because of the kibble they were fed - symptoms ranged from hepatitis to sudden diabetes leading to death, or refusing to eat and death three days later .... it has been prooved that the cause was the dogs' food. They ALL
were fed the same thing - Pedigree (not sure which product exactly - mostly breeders were involved).
New cases have been found out last spring - more puppy deaths. Several breeders have taken the company to court. One of them phoned them today again to ask them to remove the products from the market - she was answered that the company is remaining on its positions. In clear, THE KIBBLE THAT KILLED SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF DOGS (in a country that's as big as one US state) IS STILL ON THE MARKET - untill the court makes a decision.
There have been some problems recorded in Belgium, too - most probably their kibble is manufactured at the same plant."

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